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Klondike Kalahari

Dramaatic Feature film

In Canada’s far north, life and love is not for the weak of heart.


Africa, roars up in his car and tries to drag her away. The driver in a passing pick-up truck, HUSSY, 30, witnesses the struggle. With her rifle, Hussy scares Gilbert off. As they drive away, Acacia explains that she is betrothed to Gilbert. But today, when she arrived in Canada, she met his girlfriend, KATRINA, 27, pregnant with his baby. Acacia refuses to marry the man – she’ll get her father to pay for her flight home.
From his modest ranch house in South Africa, STANLEY, 60’s, tells his daughter that she must marry Gilbert. The dowry has been paid; the family honour is at stake. Acacia realizes that to get home she needs to earn the money for the airfare herself. She discovers that Hussy stole the truck and that the police are after them. Together they press on to Dawson City at the end of the highway.

In the wild local bar, they hear that fortunes can be made picking morel mushrooms. They travel north on the Yukon River to work for TOM, 30, a First Nations camp boss. Acacia tricks Tom into hiring her as camp cook. Now her survival depends on being able to skin animals and cook for a savage crowd of filthy mushroom pickers.

Gilbert and Stanley follow Acacia’s trail to Dawson City. They hire SHIFTY JOE, 40’s to bring her in. Acacia realizes that if she’s not a virgin, she can avoid being married to Gilbert. When Tom takes Acacia to check out a new site for their camp, she seduces him. On his way back to camp, Tom’s leg is caught in a bear trap. Acacia leaves to get help, but Joe nabs her. Tied and gagged, Acacia is handed over to Gilbert and Stanley who bundle her into a car and set off south. Acacia gets away and rescues Tom. When her father catches up with her, Acacia informs him that she is no longer a virgin. Her father disowns her. A new Acacia, strong and resourceful, stays on in the Yukon.

With Broadcaster support, this project is eligible for up to $35,000 from the Yukon Film Development Fund and up to $500,000 from the Yukon Film Production Fund

• Script developed with support from Astral Media’s The Harold Greenberg Fund Script Development Program, Yukon Film & Sound Commission Development Fund and Red Snapper Films Limited.