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Her Man Plan (2011)  
5 min, drama

Way back when she was a kid, Stephanie decided that 2010 is the year she’d take a man. As she mushes across the Yukon River to fetch her man of choice, she is ambushed by another man who wins her heart.

Production Notes
During one weekend, this short dramatic comedy was written, shot and edited for the 48 Hour Film Competition.  In January at 64 degrees north, the overcast day allowed for less than 5 hours of shooting. Things didn’t happen as planned and the script was adapted on the spot.  For example, the dogs weren’t supposed to run away, but I filmed their escape and incorporated it into the story.  It strengthened Brian’s character and gave Stephanie more reason to accept him.

An 8 minute rough cut version of Her Man Plan won the Audience Choice Award in the 48 Hour Film Competition screening.