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Her Next Plan (2013)  
Television series, comedy
24:00 X 6


In Canada’s sub-Arctic, Stephanie and Brian live in a small house near the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon rivers, outside the rollicking village of Dawson City. If the truck doesn’t start at -40?, they can use the skidoo or harness up the dogs. In half an hour, they’re in town and have rejoined the 21st Century.

This is the evolving story of Steph and Brian: a couple in constant conflict with the harsh environment, and with each other. They hunt, fish and chop wood, but in addition they need work that pays cash. Steph comes up with half-baked ideas – tapping birch trees for syrup, mining for gold, harvesting morel mushrooms. The ever-practical Brian always protests, but ends up supplying the muscle. Their lives are one outlandish scheme after another to keep the wolves, literally, from the door.

In evolving, over-arching themes about survival, their internal struggle matches the external, against the backdrop of a beautiful, brutal landscape.