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Astrid's Vision

Feature, Comedy

A little lie can work miracles.


Jigger’s Cove on the Atlantic coast is hanging on by a thread. When the last business closes, the local eccentric, SPIN, early-30’s, tries to stop people from leaving. He promises to create employment that will keep the community alive.

ASTRID, a 60-year-old recluse, has been living on an Island in the Cove since her son’s tragic death eighteen years ago. Now she has paralyzing visions and believes that the past is coming back. In far-away Montreal an anguished teen, WILL, simultaneously experiences the same visions. He leaves his adoptive parents and sets off to find out why he’s being tormented.

TV show host MARLENE invites her viewers to submit stories about unusual characters. Spin sneaks over to Astrid’s island and catches her levitating. Marlene airs his story about “a freak of nature with a heart of gold”. He talks Astrid into pretending she’s a saint: Pilgrims will come to see her and thereby revitalize the village economy.

When Will finally finds the village (renamed “Astridville”), he learns that Astrid is his grandmother and their destinies are tied together. Marlene arrives to film the Saint. Pilgrims come to pay homage, and no one is more surprised than Spin that his promise has been fulfilled: the village is saved.